Once you have decided to purchase a water purifier, you will find that there are a lot of options to consider. You start collecting the points to get the perfect water purifier that fits in your cosy home. Various companies vouch for impeccably featured best purifiers compatible to your needs. However, before opting for the best purifier, you must go through some basic aspects to know whether it would fit in your home or not. These points will make it crystal clear and clarify what you actually want and you will be able to choose the best one easily afterevaluating different water purifiers.

Quality of Water Determines the Type of Water Purifier You Require

Water quality matters a lot. It’s very important to know what contaminantsare present in water. You can check the quality by getting the water tested in a lab or water utility department. If you find high TDS in water, then different water purifiers will be suitable.However, if low TDS is found, then you need to get rid of just viruses or microbiological impurities from water.In this case, non-electric water filters can be selected. So, water quality is the prime thing you must consider before purchasing a purifier. TDS level depends upon the source of water. If you are getting ground water, TDS will be high and if you are getting surface water, then low TDS will be present in water.

Kind of Purifier

Now that you know the quality of water, the point you need toconsider is the type of filter. You can get a huge variety of purifiersin the market,satisfying different kinds of needs. Each kind of purifier serves a different purpose and removes impurities from water. For example,activated carbon filters can remove heavy metalimpurities such as mercury, parasites, pesticides, copper and lead. Here is the brief intro of all kinds of purifiers:

  • Activated Carbon Filters

It follows the absorption method and traps the harmful contaminants that areusually present in water. These are highly absorbent and used along with RO and UV water purifiers.

  • RO Purifiers

RO filters are preferred the mostto filter out harmful chemicals and purify water containing high TDS level. Water flows via a semi-permeable membrane and gets purified. This is the most preferred kind of water purifier.

  • Distillation

If the water you get at home doesn’t contain chemicals, then it’s good to go with distillation. It heats up the tap water and leaves the contaminants behind by gathering steam, which it condenses. Again, only if water doesn’t contain chemicals, you should opt for it.Otherwise, there is no benefit.

  • UV Purifiers

If water contains high TDS, then you need to opt for UV purifiers. These purifiersremoves only viruses, bacteria and chemicals, howeverit doesn’t remove minerals that are essential for the body. It is an eco-friendly way to get pure water.

Type of Installation

This is a crucial point to consider.Do you want to install point-of-use purifier or whole house purifier?This dependsupon the demand. As per installation needs, you can opt for wall mounting, table top, under the sink filters or countertop purifiers.

ISI Certified Filter

Check ISI certification of the filter. If the filter you are choosing has been marked as ISI certified, then it means that particular filter has passed all the quality tests successfully and is completely reliable.

If you consider all these aspects, you can be rest assured that you can find the best purifier that perfectly fits your cosy home.

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